Insurance Success Stories – Series 2

As you know, the insurance industry has been laden with premium increases, renewal challenges, increased claims, and lawsuits. However, we are still working with agents to create insurance solutions for their clients. Here are a few of our recent success stories. Contact us today – we can work to make our next achievement helping you.


Standalone ERP

Private Equity firm was requiring a six-year D&O/EPL Extended Reporting Period for an acquisition that had never purchased these coverages.
We placed a standalone six-year tail with a $1M shared limit for $24k.


Terrorism Coverage Placed After Nashville Bombing

The client previously declined terrorism coverage, then wanted coverage after the Nashville bombing.
Limit: $1/$2M (GL only – Property included with the property coverage)
Premium: $2,170.


Private Equity D&O/EPLI and E&O

Client: Real Estate Investment Fund specializing in high-end boutique hotels
They received capital investment amidst the covid crisis, and the investor/board required they purchase coverage (D&O/EPLI/Fund Management E&O).
We secured a quote for $1M limits for a $95K premium.